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Why Give?

Leadership Giving

Why should I give through the SECC?
There is no better way for state employees to give to a charitable cause of their choice than through the SECC. 

Here is why the SECC is the smart way to give:

No other charitable campaign offers so many choices.  There are hundreds of organizations to choose from.  You decide which organizations best address your concerns.

All charitable agencies participating in the SECC have met strict eligibility standards established by state law and screened by the SECC State Policy Committee and the Local Employee Committee.  Therefore, you can feel confident that your gift is being used efficiently and effectively by your designated charities.

With the ability to donate to as many as 6 charities at one time, one pledge form and one signature helps your gift last all year long through payroll deduction.

By having a combined campaign for many charities, administrative costs for charities decrease dramatically.  Locally, overall, the percentage for operating the campaign is 15% but as the campaign participation and giving continues to grow, the operating cost will be reduced.