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Leadership Giving

A case for leadership giving

At the core of every worthwhile endeavor are those whose caring and personal leadership establish a powerful example for others. Leadership giving provides such an opportunity, for those wishing to maximize the impact of their charitable gift through the State Employee Charitable Campaign in 2015.

An SECC leadership gift will provide far-reaching opportunities for your favorite charitable organizations, enabling them to address a wider range of health and human service issues due to your increased generosity.

If you choose to give $1,000 or more, please indicate the appropriate giving level on your pledge form and complete the acknowledgement section; if you choose to be acknowledged, your name will be provided to the recipient charities and listed in next year’s directory. Acknowledged givers will also receive a token of appreciation for their gift.

$83.34 per month, only $2.74 per day
A leadership gift of $1,000 can provide:

  • four days of child care in an accredited facility
  • 32 meals for the elderly
  • 104 days of parenting classes, teaching effective discipline and conflict managemen
  • 48 students receiving assistance in math and sciences
  • 48 days of a support group for teens having experienced violence or sexual abuse
  • 20 days of food and shelter for a homeless person
  • 28 days of mentoring for at-risk youth
  • 40 acres of land for wildlife habitat or public open space that provides both recreation and cleaner air
  • 50 children receiving bicycle helmets and cycling instruction to prevent accidents and encourage environmentally friendly methods of transportation
  • crisis intervention services to 65 at-risk women and children in violent family situations
  • art, music or dance therapy for two people with disabilities for an entire semester!