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The Purpose

The Structure


Agency Designation

The Campaign Results

Listing with SECC

SECC Oversight
Committees of state employees govern the SECC at two levels – statewide and locally.  The committees ensure the campaign is conducted fairly and equitably under a strict set of guidelines which give donors confidence in both the charities that benefit and the methods used to solicit.
The SECC is organized at the state and local levels


State Policy Committee (SPC)
At the state level, a committee of state employees called the State Policy Committee (SPC) provides governance and oversight.  Four members are appointed by the Governor and three each by the Lt. Governor and the Comptroller of Public Accounts.  They are responsible for a campaign plan, a budget and ensuring the eligibility of statewide organizations.  The SPC also hires a state campaign manager to administer the campaign.

The 2015 SPC Committee:

State Advisory Committee (SAC)
The SAC is comprised of 8 representatives of charitable organizations appointed by the Governor.  Responsibilities include advising the Comptroller and SPC in adopting rules and establishing procedures for the operation and management of the campaign and reviewing the campaign materials.

State Campaign Manager (SCM)
Responsibilities of the SCM include developing a campaign plan, budget, and campaign materials.  The SCM also coordinates and facilitates the training of all local campaign managers.

(Twenty local campaign areas cover the state.)

Local Employee Committees (LEC)
LECs are comprised of between 5 and 10 state employees in each campaign area.  The Chair, appointed by the SPC, is responsible for assembling local committees.  Responsibilities include determining eligibility for local charitable organizations applying for participation, selecting the local campaign manager, and overseeing the local campaign to ensure that all activities are conducted fairly.

Local Campaign Manager (LCM)
The LEC selects the LCM.  Responsibilities include managing the local campaign, providing for the effective involvement of federations and developing a campaign plan, budget, and local campaign materials.

Locally, the SECC covers a total of 15 counties including : Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Colorado, Fort Bend, Galveston (Mainland), Hardin, Harris, Jefferson, Liberty, Montgomery, Newton, Orange, San Jacinto, & Waller