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Listing with SECC

Qualifying for Listing in the SECC Brochure?
To participate in the SECC, a charitable organization must meet some strict but fair standards.  These standards were established, by legislation, to protect  State Employees, so that you can give with confidence without doing all the research.  During an annual application period, participating organizations must show that they:

  • are a tax-exempt, nonprofit, charitable organization.
  • maintain administrative and fund-raising expenses of no more than 25 percent of annual revenue.
  • provide health and human services to citizens of Texas and people around the world.
  • are governed by a voluntary board of directors that sets policy and oversees the activities of the organization.
  • are audited or reviewed annually by an accountant to guarantee full and open financial disclosure.

The Local Employee Committee (LEC), comprised of state employees, individually review EACH application for adherence to the regulations and oversee the general administration of the local campaign.  Their role is to set campaign policies, determine eligibility for applicant charities and monitor the campaign activities.

Locally, the SECC covers a total of 15 counties including : Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Colorado, Fort Bend, Galveston (Mainland), Hardin, Harris, Jefferson, Liberty, Montgomery, Newton, Orange, San Jacinto, & Waller