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Why should I give through the SECC?
There is no better way for state employees to give to a charitable cause of their choice than through the SECC.  Here is why the SECC is the smart way to give:

No other charitable campaign offers so many choices.  There are hundreds of organizations to choose from.  You decide which organizations best address your concerns.

All charitable agencies participating in the SECC have met strict eligibility standards established by state law and screened by the SECC State Policy Committee and the Local Employee Committee.  Therefore, you can feel confident that your gift is being used efficiently and effectively by your designated charities.

With the ability to donate to as many as 6 charities at one time, one pledge form and one signature helps your gift last all year long through payroll deduction.

By having a combined campaign for many charities, administrative costs for charities decrease dramatically.  Locally, overall, the percentage for operating the campaign is 14% but as the campaign participation and giving continues to grow, the operating cost will be reduced.

Payroll Deduction
Payroll Deduction is easy and convenient.  It allows you the ability to have your gift deducted in smaller amounts from your paycheck each pay period.  Through payroll deduction, you can afford to be more generous because it spreads your contribution out over a year's time.
Payroll Deduction provides nonprofit charities with a steady income over the year.  This is critical in planning and implementing successful programs and in providing assistance when and where needed.
If your state agency does not currently have Payroll Deduction, you are welcome to make a tax-deductible contribution to the charity of your choice with cash or check made payable to the State Employee Charitable Campaign or contact the local campaign manager Michelle Clancy at 415-925-2604.

How do I fill out the pledge form?
Here are a few easy steps to help make pledging as easy as possible!

  1. Fill in all Donor Information at the top of the page.
    • If there is any problem designating your donation (ex: the code is not valid, the numbers are transposed, or illegible) then we can contact you to clarify.  By law, your information will NOT be used for any purpose other than fulfilling your pledge.
  2. If you would like to be acknowledged for your gift please check one box.  Make SURE to include your mailing information.
  3. Decide whether you would like to contribute through Payroll Deduction or by a one-time check/cash.
  4. Choose up to 9 of your favorite charities from the SECC Brochure (or 6 different charities if you work in Higher Education) and enter each charity’s 6 digit code in the squares provided.
    • Write the total you wish to give to each charity to the side.
    • Please Note: each charity is grouped under a federation.  These charities typically support similar causes.  The black pledge form allows you to donate to 9 different charities representing 3 federations.  Thus, in each column under the designation section, the first 3 digits of each charity must match.  Each group must belong to the same federation.
  5. Total these amounts at the bottom and enter this amount under “Total Monthly Gift” or “Total One-Time Gift.”
  6. Check the box of the payment option you prefer.
  7. If paying with cash or check, please attach the payment to the form and turn in to your coordinator.
  8. If paying through Payroll Deduction:
    • Multiply the monthly donation amount by the number of pay periods.
    • Sign and date the form

The option for Acknowledgement is our way to show you our appreciation and that your gift made it safely to its designation. Two options are provided for you, but both REQUIRE A HOME ADDRESS.
If you check “YES, I would like my name and gift amount to be acknowledged”

  1. The charities of your choice will send you a letter acknowledging that they received the gift you sent.
  2. You will be listed in next year’s SECC Brochure, if you give $1,000 +.
  3. You will be recognized locally by the SECC Campaign Team as a show of our thanks!

If you check “YES, I would like my name but not the amount to be acknowledged”

  1. The charities of your choice will send you a letter acknowledging that they received the gift you sent.


  1. The charities will receive your donation in a lump sum with other donors, and will not possess your name in their files.
  2. Your name will not be published in the brochure.
  3. You will receive no additional recognition from the SECC Campaign Team.

PLEASE NOTE: BY LAW, the charities are PROHIBITED from using your information to solicit you any further. You will not be put on mailing lists, or receive newsletters unless you expressly wish it.
If you find a charity to be in violation of this, please contact us to address the issue.

Locally, the SECC covers a total of 15 counties including : Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Colorado, Fort Bend, Galveston (Mainland), Hardin, Harris, Jefferson, Liberty, Montgomery, Newton, Orange, San Jacinto, & Waller