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Agency Designation
All State employees have the right to contribute or not to contribute to the SECC. The choice is yours. Through your designation, you ensure that your donation goes to meet those needs that you feel are most important. You may designate to the organizations of your choice where indicated on your pledge card. Additional designations must be completed on a second pledge card. Except for documented expenses for the operation of the local SECC and uncollected pledges, all contributions are distributed as designated. Every local campaign has a Local Employee Committee, comprised of State employees, which must approve and monitor campaign expenses.

Please do not designate to an organization that is not listed in this website. Adding organizations not listed, or "write-ins", is prohibited and donations to such organizations cannot be accepted.

Contributions made by state agency employees are distributed by the State Comptroller to participating federations, who then send the funds along to their members.  Each university distributes the funds to federations through its own payroll system.  At the local level, the Local Campaign Managers distribute the funds the same way.

But because it is almost impossible to account for donations lost through such things as an employee leaving or transferring, a percentage method is used to distribute the funds.  At the end of each year's campaign, the percent of funds pledged to each charity is calculated.  Each charity then receives that percentage of what is eventually collected. 

Each charity also pays its share of the cost of running the campaign (printed materials, etc.) based on the same percentage.

Locally, the SECC covers a total of 15 counties including : Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Colorado, Fort Bend, Galveston (Mainland), Hardin, Harris, Jefferson, Liberty, Montgomery, Newton, Orange, San Jacinto, & Waller